Westfalia Car Bulb Set, 32 Piece, H4 or H7 Westfalia AK08B81

Faulty headlamps are a danger on any road. A lot of accidents happen in the dark season and are mostly due to incorrect lighting. Set a good example and you will be easily seen. This bulb set will not leave you in the dark and consists of most common bulbs and flat fuses. Contents: * 2 x H4 or 2 x H7 * 4 x 12V / 21W BA15S (Ball lamp) * 2 x 12V / 5W BAY15d (Ball lamp) * 2 x 12V / 5W BA15s (Ball lamp) * 6 x 12V / 5W SV 8.5 (Soffite) * 1 x 12V / 4W BA 9s (side light) * 14 flat fuses (Barcode EAN=4040746079768)