Westfalia Household fixing assortment Westfalia PIT046042

Practical and easily accessible. The ideal small set for every household - fits in every wardrobe. Includes: テあ 12x Nail chair glides, white, 14 mm テあテあテあ 2x Keychains with label 100x Nails, 50 mm in length テあ 25x Nails, 25 mm length テあ 10x Nails, 35 mm length テあテあ 4x Dowels, 8 mm テあテあ 4x Screws, 35 mm length テあテあ 4x Screws, 45 mm length テあ 50x Office gorges テあ 10x Pinnacles テあ 50x Tacks テあ 10x Picture hooks テあテあ 8x Picture Hanger テあ 30x Matching nails All (Barcode EAN=4040746271698)