Westfalia Manual Ratchet Hoists for different weights

Ratchet hoist for mobile use.テあ With unlocking mechanism to lift, drag and lash-on loads. Short lever arm with ratchet function for easy pulling motion. Asbestos-free brake discs. Zinc-plated chain with safety load hook The chain hoists have a strand of 1.5 m length. The lift height is 1.5 m. 108589 11,8 kg (weight) 155 x 180 mm (size) 370 mm (lever length) 1500 kg (lifting weight) テあテあ 45 mm (hook opening) 25 daN (lever pressure) テあテあ テあテあテあテあ 108597 21 kg (weight) 215 x 200 (Barcode EAN=9002488096828)