Westfalia Ratchet wrench set, 19 pieces Westfalia PIT040783

Hexagon and outer wedge Double ratchet wrench set, ideal for the tradesman on the go. 20 sizes with only one key! Can be used for loosening as well as for tightening. Fine toothed. Material: Cr-V steel. Assembled in a high-quality aluminum case. Includes: 1x ratchet wrench (14 x 19 mm), 72 teeth 9x hexagon inserts: 8/9/10/11/12/13/15/16/17 mm 9x outer wedge inserts: E8 / E10 / E11 / E12 / E14 / E16 / E18 / E20 / E22 (Barcode EAN=4040746228067)